The way from A to B: Preventing a standstill through movement

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Selmo rethinks programming and gives machine software what it has lacked until now: a standard.

The patented process from the Styrian technology forge reduces complexity, creates a uniform operating system and prevents machine downtimes. An enormous opportunity for users and machine builders. What does it take? The step from A to B. 

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National Prize for Patents 2023


We are among the best patents in the country. Out of over 200 submissions, the patent by our CEO, Markus Gruber,...

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Selmo Solution – Courage for change in mechanical engineering

It was high time to rethink machine software!

Today almost every company is aware of the term “Industry 4.0.” This transformation has massively...

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Bit by bit to the Unicorn?

Can automation be automated?

The Styrian startup SELMO is stepping up to revolutionize Industry 4.0 with an "operating system for machines" and a...

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