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Bit by bit to the Unicorn?

Can automation be automated?

The Styrian startup SELMO is stepping up to revolutionize Industry 4.0 with an "operating system for machines" and a tool for the automatic generation of software. Company founder Markus Gruber sees global potential in a...

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Practice Report: Sequence Logic Modelling

With unlimited software to sustainable digital machines.

Buzzwords such as smart production, Industry 4.0, IoT or blockchain are driving the digitalisation efforts of manufacturing companies. The search for technological solutions that work consistently...

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Maintenance staff in operation:

When every minute counts.Maintenance staff in particular do not always have to deal with planned interventions on machines. Unplanned downtimes of machines that are relevant for operation are a daily challenge for maintenance staff.

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The way from A to B: Preventing a standstill through movement

Selmo rethinks programming and gives machine software what it has lacked until now: a standard.The patented process from the Styrian technology forge reduces complexity, creates a uniform operating system and prevents machine downtimes. An enormous...

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Selmo: Ways to error-free software

Constructing machine logic instead of coding machine programs: 

Until now, error-free machine programs have remained an unfulfillable wish due to the different mindsets of maschine builders and PLC programmers.

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PR -Innovative PLC programming solves the cost trap of machine downtime

Simply press start with Selmo:

It is the claim of good programming that you simply press start and the machine is running. The causes of unwanted production downtimes are often found in the machine programming and frequently only become apparent during...

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