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it is time to rethink the programming of machines.

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Simply Selmo

Why make matters complicated when they could be simple? 

Industry 4.0's increasing digitization requirements force automation technology to rethink how machines are programmed today.

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Program and operate machines risk-free

Standardization in machine programming 

In mechanical engineering, there is no generally applicable industry standard, especially in the programming of machines.

Instead, machine users or mechanical engineers specify their standards, which all other...

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Find out what Selmo Technology is capable of

Controllable systems for safe and reliable production processes

Every machine or plant in today's digital world consists of zeros and ones. Every computer and every mobile phone only processes zeros and ones. This is the smallest piece of information and...

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ONE digital language – for stable automation

Lost in Translation? SELMO – ONE digital language that makes machines truly digital.

For companies to benefit from all the advantages of digitization and to be at the forefront of industry 4.0 or block chain, they must solve a fundamental problem: How do...

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Digital visible

Transparency and reliability for Industry 4.0

Automation can only function if all data in the 'Internet of Things' is consistently visible, consistent and available - from the status in the machine to the reporting tools for management.

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The cost trap of machine downtime: Why a new look at PLC programming is necessary.

When machines come to an unplanned standstill, they burn up a lot of money. Insurance, condition monitoring, MES, BDE, maintenance or costly training: These are the usual...

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